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Pouch Direct Australia manufactures Flat Bottom Pouches, which are mostly used for pack coffee and tea. These flat bottom pouches are also known as block bottom pouches and box pouches.

These pouches are comes with zipper and with pocket zipper. Flat bottom bags are made with the heavy duty barrier films laminated together to create properties that protect the contents from moisture, vapor, odor or any other element.

Our flat bottom pouches are ready to carry so many product such as:

  • → Chocolate
  • → Organic product
  • → Dry foods
  • → Powders and spices
  • → Coffee
  • → Tea
  • → Dairy product
  • → Pet food product
  • → Snack Food
  • → Pharmaceutical product and lots of alternative similar product.

Flat bottom bags can be commonly used in packaging of many industries such as food packaging, animal food packaging, organic product packaging and many other uses.You can add a flat bottom bag. A zipper can be added to make it easier to open and close the bag to maintain the filled product. Can be added to the suspension holes (to hang the bags instead of placing them on the shelves). We also Can be added to the gas repellent to keep the product from exposure to air and the expulsion of industrial gases & also added cutting cut for easy opening.

We are manufacturing our flat bottom bags and pouches by using top quality materials like:

  • → PET
  • → MET
  • → BOPP
  • → LLDPE
  • → PPE
  • → PVC

We use a retro printing system which is suitable to give the best print quality and supports 9 colors, which reflects a good image that helps in marketing your product.

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